FloChec® is a device that performs bilateral, multiple-level, non-invasive physiologic studies of upper and lower extremity arteries, (i.e., calculate ankle/brachial indices distal to the posterior tibial and anterior tibial/dorsal pedis arteries providing hard-copy pulse volume waveform recording based on blood volume plethysmography).

FloChec can be conveniently utilized right in your office for clinical evaluation of patients.

FloChec has shown high specificity and excellent accuracy in clinical practice with thousands of tests performed each month throughout the United States.

FloChec provides objective results even in difficult anatomies, including:

  • Obese patients
  • Non-compressive arteries
  • Post-mastectomy

FloChec is fast, user-friendly and requires no capital equipment purchase and no long-term service commitments.

FloChec is a fast, simple and straightforward office procedure that can be done under the general supervision of the trained office physician without the need of specialized personnel.